pavlick boat spy shots!

Please submit your bids to us at if you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind prototype Pavlick boat!

Face the facts – this is the boat you’ve wanted your whole life. Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to your significant other. No lowball offers because we know what we have. Your neighbors who’ve routinely resented your dry-fired motors in the driveway will actually bring their lawn chairs to the property line just to catch a glimpse of this miracle of fluid dynamics. Those same neighbors will happily wave when you drive by with your race trailer hoping to someday finally be invited to Thanksgiving dinner with you. You could be sitting at the 2021 Springfield Nationals this July as the envy of your entire pit row!  This boat won’t fix your bad starts, but it won’t matter because you’ll look so good doing it. We’re not saying it could change your life…. Oh, who are we kidding?? Yes, we are… this boat could change your life.  (Just sayin’…it could happen…)

Happy April Fools Day!

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